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September 30, 2009

How young women in Japan feel and dance

In recent ten years the most striking change in the Japanese society is---the change in behavior of young women. They have become very, very self-confident, assertive, free and open.

Before, they were expected to give way to men even on streets. Nowadays I am almost knocked down by many of them, who do not hesitate to bump into men.

Some ten years ago it was already visible that they economically did not depend upon men any more. They either earned money for themselves or they were supported by parents. They were shedding dependence mentality, but were still cautious in displaying their freedom. They pretended to be childish, using baby-like language and gesture, in order not to make men feel threatened.

After ten years they discarded all guise and have become free in a natural way.
It is good---for them. But I feel threatened and vow to fight on an equal footing.

Here is some example of a Japanese girl by the name of HONAGA Youko, who is developing her own dancing, materializing on gestures of Japanese young women. It is not to my taste. But you judge for yourself.


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