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May 25, 2013

Will Russia send its troops to Syria?

In April the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Gerasimov, announced establishment of the "Special Operation Command", an equivalent of the U.S. SOCOM. It will ensure a unified command of various special forces in the Russian military structure.

To what degree it is workable--its is a good question in view of the perennial turf war within the ranks of the Russian armed forces. But it alarms me a bit, because General Gerasimov in his announcement specially mentioned a use of these forces abroad for "U.N. peace-keeping mission".

All this may lead up to a situation where Russia sends its troops to Syria to save the Russian nationals (they will be able to send aircraft via Iran's air space), including the advisers for the anti-air missile system S-300. The troops may well stay beyond that in order to keep peace in favor of the current government.

How to act in such a situation--Obama administration may face a test of its will whether it will keep the rein of the world situation.


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