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July 17, 2018

US Democrats' crisis after Trump-Putin meeting

From Japan I see a loud chorus in the US criticizing Trump's meeting with Putin. CNN and other outlets of Democrats' voices are saying that Trump has failed to deal with Putin, an enemy of the US.

But the thing is that Trump has demonstrated that if you do not consider someone as enemy, then that person is not your enemy any more. He did it to North Korea's Kim Jong-un, and now he has repeated the same trick with Putin. This approach will generally be supported by ordinary Americans, as was the case with his meeting with Kim .

Trump does not intend to make a deal with either North Korea or Russia. It is sufficient for him to keep these adversary countries at bay. Having done with them, he now can take on his "real" enemies: Democrats in the US and China, Germany, Japan, et al. abroad, which enjoy huge trade surplus with the US.

His simplified understanding of the world and forcible measures are accepted and supported by many Americans. The strategy of the Democrats to make the only issue of Trump's Russian connection has lost its efficacy. I hope that Democrats identify people's needs and present viable policies. Otherwise, the mid-term election may turn out to be a (self-inflicted) disaster for the Democrats.

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