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May 5, 2010

At last "One-click voting" has been renewed!

The column up left has not been renewed for half an year. Now it has been changed! Please vote, but only once for this question and for your PC.

Below is the result of the previous poll. It was posted from last October to April this year.
For each language different questions were asked.

Question:"Serious confrontation based on ideological difference is becoming a thing of the past. In such a milieu which of the following bodies would be most suited for ensuring peace in the world?

item=1. The United Nations: 33.4%
item=2. U.S. in the Western hemisphere and China in the Eastern hemisphere:21.4%
item=3. The U.S. and the NATO :20.9%
item=4. The U.S. government:24.0%
(The total number of the respondents was 287)

(My comment: The total number was a bit too small. Nevertheless, the rating of the UN is unexpectedly high. For other options the answers were devided, and no major current is visible)

Question: "Which country would be the safest partner on which you feel you can rely?"

item1:India: 34%
item2:We can not rely upon any. Japan should possess nukes: 13.4%
item3:South Korea:8.9%
item4:The U.S.A.:11.5%
item6:Russia: 15.7%

(My comment: This is rather a striking outcome. India has collected 34% of support. It may be because this option was placed first. People have propensity to click the first option. And it may reflect the wish of the Japanese to find a big and easy partner.
As regards the fact that Russia has collected more support than the U.S., I have no idea. Perhaps, there are many Japanese-speakers in Russia.)

Question: "If you have a guaranteed income, where would you like to spend the rest of your life?"

item1:My native place:23.9%
item2:Somewhere in China:14.5%
item3:The U.S.A.:11.6%
(The total number of the respondents was 544)

(My comment: This was the most interesting poll this time. Shoud we interpret the result as an indication of Chinese' strong love of their own country, or should we pay more attention to the fact that about two thirds of the Chinese wish to live abroad?
Russians, for example, may faint when they realize that 130 million Chinese want to live with them.
And please note that despite all talks about inherited hatred of everything Japanese many of the Chinese prefer to live in Japan. But not after conquest of Japan, please.)

Question: "Oil is now being rapidly substituted by other sources of energy. By which of the following means do you think the Russian economy can ensure its future?"

item1: To raise the export price of oil: 52%
item2: To purchase foreign companies, using the foreign currency reserve:8.1%
item3: To provide preferential treatment for foreigners to invest in Russia:7.4%
item4: To provide favorable treatment for Russians to invest within Russia:13.5%
item5: Other means: 18.9%
(The total number of the respondents was 148)

(My comment: The toal number of the respondents was too small to say anything definite. With all this the result was rather hopeless. To raise the price when the demand is weak???!!! It is a principle for an economy under monopoly. An experience of socialist economy can sometimes be lethal. This fits the Chinese economy, too.)

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