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Japan Diary

March 13, 2011

The quake is not about Tokyo

Watching CNN, I notice that the world is thinking that Tokyo has been totally destroyed. One picture in the caption with a modern city burning must have augmented this wrong perception (CNN must remove that picture. It cannot be from Japan this time).

Tokyo is OK, though buildings were swayed very much (in high-rise buildings several meters of swing). No glass broke. It is amazing. Large cities have become quake-proof, but the northern area did not foresee such a big tsunami.
RIMG0692.JPG(at nearby department store on Sunday. Just like always)

In Tokyo even during the quake there was no panic. Because all commuter trains stopped service (telephone, too) people either took walk to their home (my friend, a retired Ambassador of about 70 years old, walked 7! hours), or spent time in restaurants and bars. I for one went to my working place and was about to sleep on the floor, when the subway resumed service. I safely arrived at home at about one o'clock.

The life in Tokyo is just normal. But distribution network has been disrupted, and most shops are now empty. Especially there is no meat, which is good for health.
RIMG0693.JPG(This is supposed to be a supermarket, and not a shop selling shelves)

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