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Japan Diary

August 4, 2007
Categories:Economy, Japan Diary, Theses
Japan's economic success is not a fluke--an example in Setouchi
August 4, 2007
Categories:Japan Diary, Society
It's not easy to be a Japanese--Recent changes in our society
July 23, 2007
Categories:Japan, Japan Diary, Politics, Society
Does our government matter at all?
May 31, 2007
Categories:Asia, Diplomacy, Japan Diary, Politics, The United States, Theses
Sorting out the Japan-US Alliance
May 19, 2007
Categories:China, Diplomacy, Japan, Japan Diary
Will culture and economy save the Sino-Japanese relations?
April 15, 2007
Categories:Asia, China, Japan Diary, Politics, Society, Theses
The War Responsibility of Japan
April 6, 2007
Categories:Economy, Japan Diary, Japanese Regions, Society
Japanese economy has a long history---Osaka's example
March 5, 2007
Categories:Economy, Japan Diary, Society
Has the "selfless" Japanese society changed through economic disaster?
February 19, 2007
Categories:Diplomacy, Japan Diary, Politics, Society, The United States, Theses
A New Wave of US-phobia in Japan?
January 14, 2007
Categories:Central Asia, Diplomacy, Japan Diary
Japan's Strategic Thinking toward Central Asia
January 9, 2007
Categories:Japan Diary
My New Year’s greetings!
November 12, 2006
Categories:Diplomacy, Japan Diary, Politics, Russia
The fatal gap in mutual understandings between the Japanese and Russians
November 12, 2006
Categories:Diplomacy, Japan Diary
Does Japan ever have a "strategy"?
November 12, 2006
Categories:Japan Diary, The World, World Trends
Coming back from Uzbekistan, where I served as Ambassador
November 12, 2006
Categories:Economy, Japan Diary
A short( but not too short) history of Japan's economy
November 12, 2006
Categories:Economy, Japan Diary, Japanese Regions
Japan's past. The "War economy"in Osaka
November 12, 2006
Categories:Japan Diary, Politics, The United States
Japan's "Neo-con"?
November 12, 2006
Categories:Asia, Economy, Japan Diary, Politics
My determination on retirement