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May 26, 2017

It's time to revamp the democracy

---Politicians, political parties and election--all have lost efficacy

Once upon a time around 900 A.D. ancient Russians sent a letter to a Scandinavian (Viking) king: "We cannot establish order among ourselves, so please come to rule us". It was how "Ryurik" became the ruler of Russia (some Russian scholars argue against this).

Today almost all democratic (and undemocratic) states may need an innovation in their system for governance. Politicians, political parties do not function any more; they engage in relentless internecine fighting with the larger part of this institution mired by political funding and briberies. Today's U.S. is the best example of this, but even in Japan prime minister Shinzo Abe is now being grilled over one scandal.

Election has lost its meaning; an election used to soothe feud, but today elections tend to intensify confrontation even more.

Democratic system with self-conscious individuals--this notion is a product of the industrialization after the 19th century and its blessing should permeate the whole world. However, the old democratic institutions, politicians, political parties and election, need serious overhauling.

Perhaps, it is time to think about use of AI (artificial intellect) in making political decision, that is allocation of resources in the society. Of course the AI is not totally selfless. You can induce desirable outputs from AI by manipulating input of information and changing its algorithm. Nevertheless, it is time to increase the use of AI in politics. While the level of politicians seem to degrade over time, the quality of AI gets upgraded in geometric progression.

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