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July 30, 2016

I recommend paintings of Eugene Pack, an artist from Uzbekistan

I served in Uzbekistan 2002-2004. This part of the world used to be a center of the Orient culture with Samarkand and Bukhara being capitals of the Persian and Timur empires. The Uzbek art has a high level; since the air is so clean and vapor-free that colors look very genuine and fresh. I went to many exhibitions.

Among young Uzbek artists I came to value Mr. Eugene Pack, an ethnic Korean. In Uzbekistan about 300 thousand Koreans still live; they used to flee their native land under Japanese rule.

Since my Uzbek years a lot of time has passed, and only now I finally post his works on my blog. Please enjoy them.

キム氏絵1.jpg"Pleiades Vincent"

スライド2.JPG"A man of Taoism"

スライド3.JPG"An Indian"

スライド1.JPG"Yellow head"

スライド4.JPG"Five blue roses"

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