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December 17, 2011

How a Japanese views the Euro

I, a Japanese former diplomat who used to serve in Germany, Sweden and Russia, see the current Euro issue like this:

A moment of truth has come, and every member of the Euro will have to find a common denominator on
①to what degree they can condone the German economic hegemony, and
②how much they intend to make Germany pay for it.

In a longer perspective the current Euro issue is none other than a recurrence of the fatal fighting between the manufacturer Harry Potter (Germany) and the financier Voldermort (the City of London and others), or between goods and money.

Whom does Japan support? Well, we are for harmony.

Anyway, a serious involvement of the U.S. is needed. Otherwise, such countries like Poland and the Baltic states may again find themselves left alone at mercy of the whims of Germany and Russia.

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